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Petrol prices have fallen, now there's no worry, you don't need to turn off the car at every signal. How does it matter? After all there enough fuel for the next 50 years right? Or so we think.

Well, at the current rate, petrol will give an answer right in our next generation, yes your kids, your life. Don't you want to save anything for them? What, how selfish can you get? Want everything for ourselves. It's our duty to save fuel. And thus I wish to spread this message through this post and hope it reaches out to a lot of people.

Simple tips to save money, your money, and our future are :-

1. Make use of recyclable things.

2. Keep car off when idle.

3. Use new LED technology lights, which barely take less than a 10th of power of the bulbs, but overall, the cost is much less.

4. Do try to follow at least one of these.

You must be thinking, who's this fellow, going gaga about what we already know. But what we already know, we aren't acting up to it, and it's very very important that we do so. And it isn't like most others that I only say, but I do.


Nice tips to save money and also good for living a sustainable environment.

More articles on Green tech will be good.

Yup, more green tech articles should be coming soon.

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