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Music, melody, a charm ain't it. Hearing it pleases our ears, soothes our minds, makes us calm. I think I've already justified the importance of music in a single line!

I love music too, listening to it on my computer, radio, TV wherever possible. It's very important that there is music in our lives, without which, life no doubt becomes tad boring and monotonous. It's good enough that it cheers you up, call it a mood lifter. We all listen to music, on our iPod, whil playing games, while watching movies, even from our mobile phone and in our cars too.

We can't even imagine a world w/0 music!

I'll tell you a secret to hear geniune music:-

-Get up early in the morning.

-Get cleaned and dressed(nothing fancy).

-Go to the nearby field/park and find a spot to sit beside the trees.

-Stay there and meditate for some time. 

Won't take long before you hear the melody of the birds and squrrels.

It's harmonious isn't it, and it has such qualities that can put you in a deep trance and even deeper state of mental peace and rest.

Even maybe playing the "harmonium" or the "guitar"(not the electric one please!) has similar effect on our minds and heart(it's proven that the hear beat soothes down).

So go ahead, dash with those tunes.


I could not agree more. I like to take my coffee out on the back porch in the morning, sometimes I'm sitll in my jammies & robe. We have birds, squirrels, chipmunks and more that visit. Its a soothing way to start my day. Keep on blogging!

Squirrels are common here. In fact, I see some of them crossing the TV cables hanging loose one floor above the ground just in front of my balcony.

It's like the most hilarious scene and it's cheers you up. Anybody for "Matrix: Squirrels Reloaded?"

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