Blue Hills Beckon

Welcome to "Blue Hills Beckon", basically a custard of technology, nature, and me.

Another year has come and gone, time passes by with the glimpse of an eye, seems like only yesterday when I left my hometown, towards Bombay (not Mumbai!). I remember watching new year celebrations of the year 2000, hail a new millenium. I think Aamir Khan won a filmfare or maybe performed that year (may have been someone else). It's a decade since that day, 31st of 2000 to 31st of 2009, enter 2010, a new year, a new decade, and presumably a lot more. Throughout these years, I changed residence 4 times, currently on 5th, and juggled between 3 Metroes of India. What an experience it has been, hiding behind those trees after dark (hide-and-seek in Bombay), or partying late night (Kolkata!), or just seldom running around the community part (New Delhi), 4,5,6 rounds. And then, this year saw the realisation of my long (almost lost in between) longed dream of my own GAMING RIG. With a configuration that makes Tech Jargons drool, I now spend some of my free time playing Industry's Best PC games (rest of free time for recreational activities and FOOTBALL!). This year also saw the birth and slow demise of my blog BlueHillsBeckon(yep, this might just be the last post), succumbing to growing workload humbly offered by my IIT Coaching centre (this is India).

Right now, I can hear the wails of a 4 year old in my house (my relatives not-so-quiet daughter who have come over for the winter). Well, time for me to get back to Ionic Equilibrium. On the bright side, I'll be going to watch AVATAR today, now that should lighten things up!

Greetings 2010