Blue Hills Beckon

Welcome to "Blue Hills Beckon", basically a custard of technology, nature, and me.

Gosh, I can't believe it's another post. Everytime I post, I say I'll start posting again, and seemingly never post again. But here I am again, back for another post.

But this post is different, and talks about the initiatives I've taken, and gotten into.

I'm currently working on a start-up called PleaseGuideMe, located at (conveniently so!).
This is a support site, a One Stop Portal for all your queries.

And the other is, SIZR Studios. This is probably INDIA's first all student design company. We do Tees, Websites, Wordpress themes, and are currently looking into custom packaging too, and expanding SIZR Tees even further.

I'm glad I've become part of something with soo much potential so soon into my life, I've been lucky I guess, and that I have had to change my habits a bit, prioritizing things in order.

I do have Guitar learning on top even now (learn by watching videos online), and I wish I can learn dancing someday, but for now, learning xHTML and CSS will have to do won't it.

Well, here's hoping what I've written here today, I read again some day in the future, and probably be happy with the way life turned out.

~ Cheers