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Welcome to "Blue Hills Beckon", basically a custard of technology, nature, and me.

By god's grace most of us have 2 hands, 2 legs, 2 ears, a nose, 2 eyes and everything else that makes us complete. Thus we never feel the lack of any part, ever. But trust me, after 15 years of using and having all these body parts for granted, it's seriously unimaginable even when a single part gets disabled, no matter temporarily.

This happened with me. I got hit on my right hand, just where the elbow joint is, temporarily disabling me from moving the hand more than one inch from a v-shape. This was for the past two days. Thankfully I'm better now. But I had a unique experience these past two days which I want to share with everyone.

- Well, for a start, I had to completely depend on the left hand, which I was never comfortable with to do all the daily tasks. Eating was a pain, I could barely lift the food, half of it fell before I dipped it in Dal(Indian delicacy). Using a spoon didn't change things either.

- Secondly, I couldn't move around much. A few steps and I could feel my hand giving away to the constant jerking even though my movements are delicate.

- Thirdly, and mostly importantly, was sleep time. I woke up about 5 times all because I had pushed my right hand too far out or pulled it too near me in my sleep, and the resultant pain wouldn't let me sleep.

- Then there were several tasks which required two hands, like working on the computer. I would have never understood the importance of both my hands and thus of all the body parts god has gifted me with had my right hand not gotten injured.

All in all, this was a unique experience which shall linger in my mind forever, and make me all the more aware of myself and that I should keep all my body parts safe(including ear!) in the near and distant future.

Hey! Why are you staring at me huh?

I went for a holiday to Mumbai on the 12th, returned on the 19th. I didn't imagine this trip to be so fruitful. I used to live in Mumbai from 1999 to 2005. I then shifted to another place. So going back there was like a walk in the memory lane.

I felt very excited as soon as the plane landed. But seriously, after I hit the roads, that was all gone. Traffic unmatched, pollution such that you will guaranteed get Asthma. But nevertheless, there is a different aura about that place. I went to Water Kingdom(Asia's largest theme water park) where I had the time of my life! And of course I met my two best friends Abhinand and Vivek. It was all like a dream only on the edge of reality.

Me, Abhinand and Vivek

But then when I went to my Uncle's house, there I struck GOLDMINE. And I think you'll rightly
understand what I mean when you take a look at the following pics(self-clicked by my uncle):-

I've gotta tell momma, I'm on someone's blog!

We will always be together....

An amazing piece of macro-photography!

Ha, I'm at the top of the world!

Is this pose good enough to get me into Hollywood?

This pics weren't clicked using some fancy camera, but from a 7.1MP everyday Digi only. When I saw these, I knew where they belonged!

"In all my life, I never ever thought about the words mentioned in the post title."

Faith, belief, all this, they were beyond me. But recent happenings and a book that I read changed my prospects, my thoughts about this completely. I was never what you can rightly say "good" in this particular subject Mathematics. This year was my "board" Class X year. And I knew how much a high score in this subject could be a boon to me, and nevertheless, a curse if all goes wrong, as it had been going till then.But then, I came across a book, which I shall not mention at the moment. Well, that book was basically how to believe in one supreme power, and to make power flow from that being into you. It was basically faith, and it was rightly said in one of the pages:-

"Faith power works Wonders."

Some other quotes, I kept stickied to my mind, and as and when I felt subdued, I reminded myself of them. It was not long before I tool a sheet of paper and stuck all the quotes to my study desk. Following are some of them:-"God is with me, God is helping me, God is guiding me.

"If God be for me, who can be against me?"

"If ye have faith, nothing shall be impossible unto you."

Some of them were from the Bible itself. And I must say, the effect was magical. I actually scored above all my colleagues in Maths in the pre-boards, a feat which left me shocked indeed, and happy too! So next time you are low on faith and hope, recite these lines, and believe in them, and you will surely succeed.Well, you must have heard this proverb:-

"Have faith, and you'll succeed"

Hey Dudes and Dudettes!

Food can be a versatile object/thing/your pick. It needn't always be your food item. But then how is it food any longer? Check out the next few pics to understand what I mean, literally:-

Run!! It's MELON-Man!!!

Have a Happy Life ahead!

Captain FOOD, "Don't mess with me!"

Hey, don't disturb me!

Well, bye-bye, that's all for today!

So we see a new form of art, something even I didn't know about until I just mistakenly typed "food art" onto Uncle Google, and look what we have!, in all it's fame and glory(that now is beyond just humans!)

I challenge you guys to beat this picture. Yes, this is an open challenge, and let's see if you can beat it. Post a link of a picture which is any better than this, if you can!

The clouds were very much present way from 12am midnight till about 11am in the morning

If you lived where I live, you would know that what I'm going to show you is something rare and coveted. Yes, rain is rare in New Delhi, especially heavy showers which leave fields feeling the blues with sea-loads of water. Just this happened the day before, and I got some exciting and beautiful shots to show it to you exclusively!

Notice how dark the tree-trunk has become, and the leaves look greener than usual, especially when you are looking at deciduous and not evergreen forest trees!

Look closely! Now tell me how many squirrels can you spot!

My photo-editing into action, read end of post to know how I did this!

Perhaps the best picture I've clicked in a long long time. This is part of the park where I play football every evening. Of course, the other half(behind and on the left) aren't full of trees, and they sure aren't mini-seas everyday too!

The Bird-Special-Effects-Pic
Q. How?
A. Using an Open Source Software called "Photoscape"

Q. Must be difficult!
A. Believe me, you'll get the hang of it within an hour itself!

Q. Where can I get it?
A. Of course, our uncle "Google"

That's all for today, till then, happy rainy day!!!!