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By god's grace most of us have 2 hands, 2 legs, 2 ears, a nose, 2 eyes and everything else that makes us complete. Thus we never feel the lack of any part, ever. But trust me, after 15 years of using and having all these body parts for granted, it's seriously unimaginable even when a single part gets disabled, no matter temporarily.

This happened with me. I got hit on my right hand, just where the elbow joint is, temporarily disabling me from moving the hand more than one inch from a v-shape. This was for the past two days. Thankfully I'm better now. But I had a unique experience these past two days which I want to share with everyone.

- Well, for a start, I had to completely depend on the left hand, which I was never comfortable with to do all the daily tasks. Eating was a pain, I could barely lift the food, half of it fell before I dipped it in Dal(Indian delicacy). Using a spoon didn't change things either.

- Secondly, I couldn't move around much. A few steps and I could feel my hand giving away to the constant jerking even though my movements are delicate.

- Thirdly, and mostly importantly, was sleep time. I woke up about 5 times all because I had pushed my right hand too far out or pulled it too near me in my sleep, and the resultant pain wouldn't let me sleep.

- Then there were several tasks which required two hands, like working on the computer. I would have never understood the importance of both my hands and thus of all the body parts god has gifted me with had my right hand not gotten injured.

All in all, this was a unique experience which shall linger in my mind forever, and make me all the more aware of myself and that I should keep all my body parts safe(including ear!) in the near and distant future.


I'm sorry for your injury and glad that you are doing better. It is such a strange feeling to be incapacitated like that.

I'm much better now. I think tomorrow, I'll be able to play again. Thnx for ur concern.

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