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Welcome to "Blue Hills Beckon", basically a custard of technology, nature, and me.

The clouds were very much present way from 12am midnight till about 11am in the morning

If you lived where I live, you would know that what I'm going to show you is something rare and coveted. Yes, rain is rare in New Delhi, especially heavy showers which leave fields feeling the blues with sea-loads of water. Just this happened the day before, and I got some exciting and beautiful shots to show it to you exclusively!

Notice how dark the tree-trunk has become, and the leaves look greener than usual, especially when you are looking at deciduous and not evergreen forest trees!

Look closely! Now tell me how many squirrels can you spot!

My photo-editing into action, read end of post to know how I did this!

Perhaps the best picture I've clicked in a long long time. This is part of the park where I play football every evening. Of course, the other half(behind and on the left) aren't full of trees, and they sure aren't mini-seas everyday too!

The Bird-Special-Effects-Pic
Q. How?
A. Using an Open Source Software called "Photoscape"

Q. Must be difficult!
A. Believe me, you'll get the hang of it within an hour itself!

Q. Where can I get it?
A. Of course, our uncle "Google"

That's all for today, till then, happy rainy day!!!!


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