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There are thousands of cities in this world. But how many really made out till the 21st century? Many lost their way sometime ago, during WWII, after some nuclear fiasco, or some unwanted and unforeseen incident. Let us take a look at some of such cities:

1. Ukraine: Chernobyl - Prypiat

The nuclear reactor which blasted

I think you all remember the Chernobyl disaster. It happened sometime in 1986. And boy, it was one incident to remember.

An isolated Chernobyl

Prypiat, the Chernobyl worker's home(was)

Everything, everyplace was abandoned. If you ever go to the place, you would get the distinct impression of a once flourishing -now museum place!

2. France: Oradour-sur-Glane

The wasted ruins

Initially a village, this place was massacred by Germans during the WWII, and till now, remains a horrific memoir of what had happened 65 years ago, and what shall always remain etched in the back of our minds for time untold.

The car that once was

Indeed, this place is just one of the many more horrors of the WWII.

3. Japan: Gunkanjima

Another uninhabited mess!

Note the concrete walls, this was one of the first such islands

A Coal deposit found in the 20th century, this island, off the western shore of Japan was acquired by a company called "Mitsubishi", and then came along the concrete walls and a concrete city.

Gunkanjima essentially means "Battleship" as this is how the island looks from an aerial view.

Looks like the perfect place for a horror film ain't it?

By the 1960s, the coal mines began shutting down as petroleum now replaced this aged tried-and-tested fuel. The island is now deserted, and traveling isn't allowed too!

So what did we see today, well the term is 'Ghost Town'. No, it isn't a town where Ghosts live! It's a once teeming place with humans, but no more teeming. Got it?

That's all for today, hope these pictures don't haunt your sleep too!


Wow. These are really incredibly moving images. The image with the empty car. The doll left by the windowsill. Them deserted building. WOW. Incredible.

Famagusta, Cyprus is another. Dinner plates are still on the table - laundry on the clothes lines. Everything is as it was left on that fateful day.

Oops, I think I said Larnaca, Cyprus?? If so, I meant Famagusta. Sorry, Larnaca is where we flew into. :)

Famagusta, hmm, looking up about it on google :)
The images weren't hard to find, it was the places, I don't know many myself, had to search hard about such places, and getting the best of them. Thnx for ur comments!!

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