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We all want to lead a happy life. A peaceful life, one without troubles and all. But obviously, such a life is not always possible. Leave alone the "No-Troubles" part, leading a happy life is quite easy, and if you do so, you'll find life to be automatically more Trouble-Free and more enjoyable. The most important part is to enjoy each and every moment of life, simply because they can't be "re-played", "re-winded" etc. etc.

Well, you must be thinking that I'm just going on about a "Happy Life' but don't know really about how to Lead such a Life. Well, this post is entirely about how you can do so!

Just follow these simple steps:

- Be happy always
This doesn't mean to just stick a wide-fake smile up your face and walk around and go with that face everywhere. It's to really enjoy the finer aspects of life. For example, you're driving to say, a hill station nearby, but don't just drive there and think of this in mind that "I'll have fun and some relaxing time there", instead keep looking out to the surroundings. Chances are, you might see some beautiful sights just outside your car window while you're driving. If this happens, stop if possible, and absorb the scene that got your attention!

Make the best of things
Life isn't perfect, and good times
are not always as frequent as those in movies, but all the same, some good moments can be made such that they will be remembered for life.

Below are such examples of what I've written till now. All pictures are clicked by me.

I was getting bored with the 3 hour drive, but rain lashed streets had a different opinion of mine(en route Nagarbera, a village in Assam)

It was just about to rain, but this awesome scene from my grandpa's home in Guwahati, Assam(India) had to hit my camera

I had been cycling all day, and got bored of doing that too. So I decided to explore the house. But look what I found here!

So this is how I made my last trip to a village and a relatively less lively and smaller city that where I live, more lively, fun, and most importantly memorable. But there's just a little more!

Look at what I found, waiting to be seen by my eyes!

Took a close up, don't know when I may get the opportunity to see such a sight again!

That's all for today's Happy-Life-Trip. Hope this post left you a bit more enlightened in ichever respect whatsoever!


Wow, you take great pics, nice job!!

Nice pics :D

Thnx dude, it's a basic digicam, but I'm good on the software front.

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