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I think you all must have heard about the Swine Flu, caused by the H1N1 virus. What, with radio and television sets blaring about it 24x7, it's hard to not notice! Well, many say that the Swine Flu has come pigs, well they are darn right, but not entirely. I won't go into too much detail but here's a short recap on the happenings:-

- Flu virus from bird

- Jumps to pigs

- Mutates

-Jumps to humans

- Causes problems for us

- Potential 2 Billion people can be affected

Q. So, who are at risk from this H1N1 virus?

A. Well, practically anyone and everyone is at threat as the virus spreads through air too. But people with diseases such as

1. HIV+

2. Tuberculosis

3. Diabetics

are at a much higher risk of catching this infection.

Q. So, is there any cure to this infection?

A. H1N1 is a virus, which are neither dead, nor exactly alive. It's hard to explain, but here's a simple one:-

"Outside, they exist as dead organisms, inside a host body, they become alive!"

A picture showing the places where there have been outbreaks of Swine Flu infection.

Thus, anti-biotics just don't work on them. There are only two methods to counter this virus:-

1. Vaccination

2. Anti-viral drugs

Q. Okay, all said. So why isn't mass vaccination being carried out?

A. Here's the main hindrance to this method. Even though 'Tamiflu' shots are said to be effective against the virus, if the virus, H1N1, changes even a bit(highly possible), then it renders the vaccination shots useless!

All this makes it look like this is gonna be the end of the world, and there is no hope. But, not too soon. Extensive research work to tackle this flu is being carried out in all capable countries, and extreme measures are being taken to check the spread of the virus.

Q. What can "YOU" do to prevent being infected?

A. Here's what 'YOU' can do:-

- Switch to a vegetarian diet

- Avoid trips to Flu Stricken areas

This is the least YOU can do to protect yourself.

Obviously, a holiday, business trip, or your favourite non-veg dish isn't worth your life isn't it?


I think the virus is being clearly monitored so that it will not cause another pandemic, and the news says that it's safe to eat meat because that virus cannot survive in high temperatures. nice post :)

I don't really think that the virus is under anyone's control right now. I could have been that the virus was only a test sample that managed to escape, or that it was originally meant not for humans but for birds. And then, the virus jumped from birds, to pigs and finally to us humans.

Yes, it's true, at 70C and above, the virus dies. So hotter places are at a tad lower risk of breakout.



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