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"Dog Story 2" is a direct continuation to The "Dog Story" which was published on April 9, 2009.

Above is a picture of the first pups that we met, of whom, none that we know survive, except ones who were taken away by kind families.

The pups are gone, the earlier ones few months ago, and the new ones just the day before. I came back from school, and came to know that the puppies are missing since morning. I went out and searched for them in the entire neighbourhood, looking into every drain and nook. But all efforts were in vain. A weird sadness erupted inside, which, for the entire day, kept my mind gloomy.

They aren't there any more. The 2nd and new sunshine of my life, gone. I woke up the next morning very early, and just sat on a chair in the balcony and looked out to the field. An eerie enveloped the entire field. The place where the pups earlier played their morning games, was now empty.

Later on, I came to know that a family of the community complained against the pups(how could these pups ever harm or disturb anyone?), and thus a municipality van came up while I was at school and shoved them away.

On the right is a picture of the mother of the first pups, who were born last year, and of whom, none that I know survive.

I can only hope that wherever the pups are, they are safe and have shelter and food. And I curse those mindless zombies who could heartlessly complain against them!

Now, their mother, who we fondly call "Hiyali" meaning "Fox"(cause she looks like one, I mean look at the ears in the picture on the left), all she does is wander around here and there, searching for her dear ones.

Yesterday, for almost the entire day, she kept sitting outside our house door, for she thought that we had brought the pups home(which we did often).

One of the three pups who were taken away. I didn't even get a chance to save them or see them properly for the last time.


I don't understand it either, how people can be so cruel to animals. If I ever catch anyone in the act of abusing a dog, I will beat the crap outta them. People treat dogs like they are nothing and it's sad

We sure do hope that these pups are being cared for. Give Hiyali a big hug from us the next time you see her!

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie, Lucie and Hailey

^^Sure will.

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