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We all know what a Robot is. Well we do, or do we? Most people just think of a robot as a put together metal frame that has a plain, bland metallic voice which says "Hello" and simple words as such. But no, Robot's are not just a piece of metal put together. They are much more.

I won't go into "in-depth" making and working of Robots(who would want to, as long as they do what they are supposed to). So what are the applications of Robot's huh? Well, here are some, to name a few:-

- Space expeditions

- Surgery

- Manual labour

Okay, let's forget the Martian rovers for a while. Here are already some old-fashioned ideas. Now you want to know how contemporary robots are being designed, and to do what? Well:-

- Football

- Modelling

- Dancing

If things go as planned, there are talks about having Robot Olympics!

The applications are endless. Robots could being about a revolution, just as big as the Industrial Revolution.

Now you must be wondering why I'm going "blah-blah" about Robots.

Well, here's why:-
1. They hold a unique future prospect.
2. Bright future.
3. Fun for us(come on, Robot Olympics!)
4. Many more reasons.............

If you still don't believe me about what I said (I mean Football and Robots), this should win your trust.

I agree that Robots still have a loooong way to go, and so does the Artificial Intelligence in it. But the future is bright buddy. In fact, there are some robots in the US military which are simply awesome by today's standards. Let me tell you about them.

These Robots can withstand Mini-Nuclear attacks. Yes, they will get splattered into a thousand pieces, but they can actually (through their mode of communication, possibly radio) communicate with each other and just construct themselves into one whole again. For this, all the tiny parts are fitted with wheels which allow for transportation. And if they are unable to reunite, then each becomes a self-sustained weapon. Certainly an enemy I wouldn't want to have!

- (On the right - Meet "Zeno", the Emotional Robot.)


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