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This post is about dogs. Most kids are always attracted to dogs, pups, better known as 'doggie'. There are some who hate dogs and want all strays to be killed. To them, and their thoughts and minds, I shower my pity.

Well, human couples live together and stand by each other all the time. But never had I seen such a dog couple. One evening, late last year with winter just round the corner, I was headed to the football field as usual, but to my surprise, I found a litter of six dogs on the way, all shoved away into a pit dug out of a deposit of mud. THEY must have been only few days old. Their mother was nearby and prevented me from coming nearer.

From then onwards, me and my family would regularly feed the mother. And pretty soon we found their father too, who stayed in another dug pit just behind the pups. Never did the two leave their pups alone, one was always on guard while the other was out in search of food. After some time, they began allowing people to touch their pups. That must have been the reason why people took the chance, and whiffed away three of the pups.

After a few weeks, we found only two pups to remain(we had gone on a holiday). The pups could now go about wherever they want. They were capable of barking and running, although only as fast as their little trotting would permit. After a few days, to my horror, I found one pup dead, crushed under the wheels of a car, and the last one died in a similar fashion just a few days later.

....The couple still remains there, they lavish me with love and try to jump up on me or any family member with affection whenever they see us, but they have been left childless, curse those reckless drivers!!!

Well, these pictures aren't of those pups, but some new pups that we found in the field that my house overlooks, and they have immediately become everyone's sweethearts. There were initially four of them, one was taken away by someone, hope it got a good home. Three of the pups remain, who are fed by us and other people of the community regularly. They love playing, absolutely, and they lick wherever their tongue permits!

They have their mother, and father, the father trains them often, and sometimes sleeps with them, playing late into the night, or running with them early in the morning. Their mother is very very protective and twitches her ears at the slightest sound. We take utmost care that they do not step out of the field, at least till they are big and old enough, and anyways, the field is big enough to accommodate all their needs.

These pups aren't even 2 months old. Aren't they superbly cute!!!!!!!!!!!


this is called 'sweet n clever writin'. u hav a diffrnt technique of writin, which i lyk (obviously!!). n dis was a very 'hatke' topic. most pple would find dis theme very borin n monotonous. but ur 'piece' n pics made it clap-worthy. for writin on such different topics a writer must hav self confidence, which is brimmin in u. write more but do cum up wid sum cooler pics(de luk ol d same). hope u get d catch. neways, clap clap clap!!!

Thanks Karen. Appreciate every word.

They are adorable. I have a great love for dogs and in my opinion, some one should have to at least win over the mother and father, taken them to get fixed so that they would not have anymore puppies to be homeless and left to die under the wheels of a car.
Very nice blog you have. Although I did not enjoy reading the sad news about the puppies and how the dogs have to live, I did enjoy your article in whole.
Thank you

I love dogs too, I fed them all the time, me and my entire family. But since day before yesterday, the pups aren't there anymore. I came to know that some useless empty head complained to the municipality and they took the pups away. I just wish they are fine and get food.

What a sweet story! I have not encountered where both parents played such an active role with their pups. It's a shame that those two were hit by cars.

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie, Lucie and Hailey

I know, I feel like crying when I see their pictures. Have some on the mobile.

I like pics :p

^^Thnx, clicked them myself.

They look really awesome cute.4 th pic really nice:)

That pup is no more, thnx to a physcho old woman in our neighborhood!

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