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Well, in our life, we move to different places, meet many people, and meet different TYPES of people too. There are many types, and I've come across many, so here's a quick description:-

Cool - These people only care about how they are looking, how their hair is and whether their dress and hair is shabby or not. They don't give a darn to others, and many a times, find it pleasing to insult others, even if it's behind their backs.

Weird - I mean, everyone must have come across some of these people, they act strangely, talk about unexpected things, are totally unpredictable, and sometimes, you'll wonder where have you gotten yourself stuck. However, they don't hold ill will against anyone.

Geeky - There are "bookworms." They study in class, do everything to impress their teachers, come with all homework done, and if anyone hasn't done theirs, they make sure to tell the teacher!

Easy Going - These are the ones who don't care about what others think about themselves and do what they really want. And these guys are my friends. They are the most fun to be with too! They make studying in a class fun and relaxing, not to mention humorous.

Players - The players, as soon as break time starts, they would be playing in the field, or badminton court, or basketball or volleyball court. They are determined about their sport, and I like being like them too. These have the most fun, and know how to game on!

So, I pretty much have given an in-short description of different types of people in school and college mostly. Hope you are able to identify yourself among one of them.


Guess I am Geeky and Weird

LOL! Not always is a person accurate about themselves, it's others who'll help you know in which category you are!

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