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I think all of you have heard about "EARTH DAY." Basically we switch off the lights for an hour. What's the big deal right? Well wrong! It's a big - BIG deal, with BIGGER impact and consequences. The amount of power saved in that single hour is enough to, well let's just say, it's A LOT.

But don't think with this mentality that, "Earth Day is on 22nd APRIL, why do we switch off lights today?" Well, this picture ought to wash those minds of these thoughts.

You see, if we just switch of unnecessary fans and lights and other electrical devices, we are "SAVING." And if not one, not hundred, but what if thousands, or say millions do this everyday, we would be saving so much of energy the figure will leave you mind boggled and gasping. Well, I hope you don't think "Who are you to TELL US?" Simple, I do it too. No wonder my mom complains that I keep switching the lights and fans off, even if someone is sleeping in a room(I hadn't noticed!!)

Now, Earth Hour is between 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm, so don't forget to switch off your lights.

Well, that's all. Now go ahead, and SAVE Earth (and Money too $$)!!


Blogger 7th heaven said...

Beautiful poems I say. Were you not a Digit Forum Member BTW?

- Preetam a.k.a. comp@ddict

April 23, 2009 4:45 AM

with reference to ur post at my blog as above i am answering ur doubts

yeah i am at DIGIT forum a.k.a spironox
and thanks for your comments on poems appreciated...



Anytime :)

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