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Welcome to "Blue Hills Beckon", basically a custard of technology, nature, and me.

Working 9 to 5, 6 days a week, or succumbing under school and peer pressure. Scared not to be able to perform, or maybe just a little too tired to always win. In all this, we have forgotten one little, but very important aspect of life. Peace and happiness. Yes, these are the greater things in life. No, your getting into IIT institution, or successfully gotten 1st rank in class, these have little significance in what we'll do in life, and what we would become.

It's very important to once-in-a-while step out of the monotonous, routine life that we ourselves have created and look out to something beyond it. Just look around you for instance. Go to the park or field nearby, go sit in one place early in the morning, and just calm down and relax. No, you don't need to check your twitter, facebook or messenger, nor do you have a phone call to make. No, for a little while, sit down and close your eyes and try not to think of anything. Instead try to take in as much as you can inside you, the soft sound of birds chirping, the vibrant colour of the sun rays against your closed eyelids, the sound of the trees swaying, or maybe just some of the oldies of a laughter club going about their laugh.

Was that a new experience, something you haven't tasted before eh! These are some of the greater things in life. Yes, greater than upgrading your last year's computer, or buying a new game for PS3/DS/Wii/PS2/XBox360/PC(gosh there are too many!!).

It's not like asking you to quit these, as if I can live without them, but pay attention to other things around you. Now I'm not a nature lover or something, but have you ever thought of recycling, or simple things you can do like switching off bulbs and fans in an unused room. These are some things more important that knowing who's the new fitness guru on Wii.

I've always wanted to end up a week in the Amazon, or just get rid of this city life and relax on a beach. Then there's the isolated but feast-to-the-eyes islands just north of Australia, but now that's another story........


Your blog is awesome dude. I too kinda like nature. Your blog is the first one I've come across that focuses on nature like this.

Thank you, thanks a lot, you don't know how much inspiration this provides me, to write even better articles in the future.

Happy that you liked the blog.

A very thoughtful and creative writing with pictures that enhances visualization when one reads the blog. The thought process is superb and I do the same way - it's mutual... Hiranya khura.

:) Thnx khura

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