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Old is Gold, at least this B&W is for me

You know, it's rare when you stumble upon good things, especially on the internet. But I happened to be lucky as today, the tides were different. Didn't get it? Let me show you what I downloaded through "RapidShare", and it was a complete mistake, on my part(still don't know how I got that link in the first place).
I liked this one the most, don't know why, but it pulls my mind towards it

The Cliff of Paradise, I presume

Beach side Bliss

Every time I see such pictures, it makes me want to actually be there. I wish that this comes true, in the near or distant future. I really want to travel such places and relax and spend some quality time there.


thanks for the visit...nice pix out here..following you too!

like your template too!

Thnx, yeah template was hard to find but got it finally!

i explored your site and found that yours is having nice pictures

Thnx a ton!!!!

I love the second picture also...I think it's the color combination and the kind of hazy look. I found you on blogcatalog. I look forward to following your blog.


Hi 7th heaven

beautiful pictures popped over from one of my blogs

peace and love my friend

andy the dafthermit

You have a neat blog. Thanks for the comments.

Thnx a ton you guys!!!!!!!!

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