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This post is a direct continuation of the post: "Dog Story 2" which was published onMay 3, 2009.

Day before yesterday, I was in for a shock, and a pleasant surprise. I was just looking down the balcony to the deserted mid-afternoon street below, when I saw a little while speck amongst the green bushes that form kind of a boundary outside the house. It took me only a second to realise what that speck was.

                                       The PUPPIES! Oh My GOD!! They are back!!! 

I ran down the stairs to see them. When I looked down the bylane adjacent to our house, I saw the other two pups in the far corner of the lane, rummaging through thrash for food. I immediately ran up to them and fetched them to the field. But just before, I shouted out to my family to inform them of our 4-day-gone guests. I guess the Municipality guys dropped them off somewhere nearby, and luckily they found their way back. 

This was the PLEASANT SURPRISE, but then came the SHOCK!

On closer inspection, I found that the ears of all the three pups were BURNT, a little, but nevertheless, BURNT! And one of them lost half his ear to this outworldly sign of CRUELTY!! God never let such a SINNER live a single day in PEACE!

The wounds must have already been a day old, and the pups were missing for four days. I made a quick mental note never to let the pups out of sight for an unreasonably long time.

The ear is half burnt out/cut whichever, leaving this poor pup disfigured.

HOW COULD PEOPLE BE SOOO CRUEL? What has this world come to? What harm do these gentle creatures mean to us that we humans carry out such acts of extreme and pure EVIL?

Even though we humans have had thousands of years of evolution in all aspects, one important tid-bit got left out. And I think that was "Kindness" and "Self-less Love." Such issues are even bigger than the Global Economic Recession too.

We all should remember this quote:-

"Live, and Let Live"


Ok, so what will you do now? Are you going to take the pups in your home? If not, then I suggest taking them to the nearest shelter. Because if you leave them out there to the wolves. To me, that is the same as cruelty. Not trying to sound mean. But maybe inside they are screaming, "save us" it's better that they are in a shelter for a chance to be adopted and taken care of, than on the cruel streets.
Please tell me what your next step is

I can't adopt them, not at this time, after so many months of freedom, they won't be able to live in a house. And you are talking about dog-pounds? Forget it, they are non-existent in India. I think in one within where I live, there are as many as 25 stray dogs(or more), and people will adopt only foreign breeds, My house isn't good enough to accommodate them, and I can't live with the idea that I adopt one of them and keep the rest out.

Sure place is registered for those peoples in hell dude..I am too a passionate animal lover..

Yup, there r only a few who actually care, and I know some of them, thankfully, these pups are in good hands.

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