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"In all my life, I never ever thought about the words mentioned in the post title."

Faith, belief, all this, they were beyond me. But recent happenings and a book that I read changed my prospects, my thoughts about this completely. I was never what you can rightly say "good" in this particular subject Mathematics. This year was my "board" Class X year. And I knew how much a high score in this subject could be a boon to me, and nevertheless, a curse if all goes wrong, as it had been going till then.But then, I came across a book, which I shall not mention at the moment. Well, that book was basically how to believe in one supreme power, and to make power flow from that being into you. It was basically faith, and it was rightly said in one of the pages:-

"Faith power works Wonders."

Some other quotes, I kept stickied to my mind, and as and when I felt subdued, I reminded myself of them. It was not long before I tool a sheet of paper and stuck all the quotes to my study desk. Following are some of them:-"God is with me, God is helping me, God is guiding me.

"If God be for me, who can be against me?"

"If ye have faith, nothing shall be impossible unto you."

Some of them were from the Bible itself. And I must say, the effect was magical. I actually scored above all my colleagues in Maths in the pre-boards, a feat which left me shocked indeed, and happy too! So next time you are low on faith and hope, recite these lines, and believe in them, and you will surely succeed.Well, you must have heard this proverb:-

"Have faith, and you'll succeed"


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