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Well, I had told you that I'm working on a book. Today I shall post a peek of it. Let me tell you, the book is far far away from completion. And given the limited time in this exceedingly - hectic life(classes even on sunday!), I don't really have much time for playing football, let alone writing a book.

But nonetheless, here's a short excerpt.

"Rain splattered across half the hall, the deafening clank of the raindrops almost inaudible in comparision to the thunder. The building was half non-existent, quite literally. THE STORM had blown it away, alongwith all the other things it did across the globe.

Below the half broken staircase was a barely distinguishable trap door, so well hidden that anything would fail to notice it even by standing right in front of it.

Lightning ripped the sky accompanied by ear-splattering thunder and incessant rain.

On the other corner of the hall stood a well covered figure, impossible to recognise among the shadows. It saw another figure leaping from the sky and landing just in front of the trap door. THen it did something which wasn't visible from behind. The next second, it vanished."


Nice story DUDE. Though I did't get as to what is it supposed to be like.. But the narration was cool.. waiting for you to finish it .. Mail me a copy when you finish it.

Well, no one understands a story from the epilogue/prologue(which term will it be)? And the story is far from completion. With Class XI and all, I'm finding it difficult to spare much time. But yes, it's gotten 4 chapters already. And I might as well say, less than 3% is complete...

But i'll keep updating about it.

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