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Today, I saw something which isn't worthy of a tell-a-tale but worth mentioning for all to know. I think people of New Delhi, India are pretty sure of their GK that Delhi is the country's capital, and also the crime capital of India. With a lead of more than you can count over the other states, you might as well call this city a law-less one.

Today, I saw it for myself. While on a cab back home, I saw two bikers(on the same bike) wearing a black suit with face all covered up. The next second, I heard a woman start screaming. I just could take in the minute details possible within a second. From what I reckon, those two guys stole the woman's cell, or necklace, or maybe her handbag, with the last case leaving her stranded, and second, cut off from home temporarily in a possibly unknown area.

This incident has left me shaken from the core, and indeed it's a sad event that took place.


It is too bad that there are still so many people in the world that feel that they need to take from another in order to live.

But of course this goes deeper to the fact that if the goods and resources were distributed more evenly in the world, we wouldn't have people who are involved in a life of crime, for everyone would be better provided for.

As always I think of Ghandi's words:
"Be the change you want to see in the world"

That is I think the best thing we can do no matter where we are today.

Very true, Evita. That's the best, and we have to make an effort for at least that, or all is lost.

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