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Facebook, My Space, Orkut, Yahoo! etc etc etc, these have become a very basic and common part of our "today" lives. Nowadays, we play around with a cellphone as if we were born with one dangling on our ears.

We say that we can't live without them. However, there was a time when all this was non-existent. SO how did people manage it all then? And another peculiar thing that I have noticed and I find funny. Why does a person need to be in touch through facebook, yahoo! and what not especially when that person is YOUR CLASSMATE? These new-age gadgets and tools have made us from face-to-face conversing to in-front-of-screen conversing people.

Now don't take this lightly, it is a very very bad thing. And a sign of you being 'addicted' to this is that you can't resist checking your accounts every few hours. And somewhere in the back of your mind, you are still thinking about it even though you are actually doing something else.

I know that just blabbing about it won't make any difference, but to anyone who reads this article, please try to identify the signs and get a hold of yourself before you get 'addicted'!


Very good points! While some people take it all for fun, others really do take it all a little too seriously.

Do we really need to know where everyone is at every moment and what they are doing - of course not.

Having changed careers now and working on my own at home in front of the computer all day, I could say I would have a problem, but nope! On a recent 2 week vacation, I didn't even flinch about not having the internet, and I really do love it.

The picture is a bit too much. But still, the article is wholly true.

That's a very good thing Evita.

See, there's one thing you need to realize or know,in virtual space such as social networking sites, we reject friends or accept them like choosing between a blue shirt or red one. And similarly, the same reflects in real life, which is a very very bad thing.

This is one thing we cannot deny..Indeed we are addicted

Yup, that applies now as the "universal truth" you might say.

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