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I think we all know pretty much what a big revolution "Twitter" is (come on who am I kidding, of course it is!). At first, it was awesome. I mean 140 characters mini-blog. It's for those who couldn't write a letter more(kidding), and for such, it was heaven on their mobile and internet life.

Stats say that twitter, since launch has grown at the rate of 2000%. Yeah you got that right, no extra zero, no typo. Everyone became suddenly addicted to this new motion. All they cared was how many people followed them. I agree twitter is good, and it lets you stay in touch, ALWAYS.

But think about it. Is it that necessary? How does it matter if a few people from around the world come to know that, "Wohoo, I got a new job." (-_-)

You get my point hopefully. What the thing is that it's like people have started salvaging on twitter in such a way as if they have been deprived of oxygen all this time(and I think people would prefer twitter over oxygen, at least some).

What my point is, twitter has gotten beyond what it was made to be. There's a border to every nation, twitter's just crossed it's territory. People need to get a grip on themselves before they loose their minds completely. As it is, we have enough of facebook and all other (^_^) sites.

Some people might get me wrong that I'm totally against all such social networking sites, but look, this loon is himself blogging awn and awn and awn (o.0.o). Well to clarify, I'm not, but if I am against something, it's excess of it.

So what do you do now? Well before the time comes that a person is dying on the road and you decide to "tweet" about it first, all's well! But addiction to twitter(as a matter of fact, anything) is a very bad thing, and this picture does absolute justice to it.


hahaha, so fun to read.
Twitter is making us crazy :)
the Shwitter is awesome

Very true and honest Post!
People sometimes spend a lot of time and energy on things that do not seem too meaningful...
Why? Is it because they lack real meaning in their life...are they bored or feel the need to be entertained every second?

Time will tell..
Best regards friend

LOL Shwitter was a jackpot find yea!

I tried to pour everything true that I have been seeing on the internet. Guess that's what has come out. ANd K. Frangeskos, you rock too!

Oh those pics and cartoons are so awesome!!!

I definitely agree there is A LOT and I mean A LOT of social media today, and I don't know if Twitter is necessarily the problem. I think it is our compulsion to dominate everything and anything at first. And so yes, people have an obsession with who is following them and how many people, etc.

For me I use Twitter professionally and to spread more value in the world, not to tell people I am going for a walk now, because seriously who cares....

Yes, professionally twitter is too going boom. And yes, people have a tendency to be on top, so they embrace whatever is new immediately.

Dell increased their sales by millions this year just through twitter!

i think twitter isn't ...u kno..bad..
excess of anything is bad..
if ppl post stuff ... its because they want to share what they feel...that seems quite fair to me.....

Yes, I shud hav ended with

"Twitter in itself isn't bad but anything in excess, including twitter is!"

I don't understand the concept of twitter.

Well, however, every1's gotten wind of it...

It's micro-blogging basically...

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