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Welcome to "Blue Hills Beckon", basically a custard of technology, nature, and me.

Well guys, all for being against social networking sites and envying every beautiful picture of mother nature I see, I love another yet simple, harmonious and elegant element that life has to offer - "MUSIC".

I'm not saying that I'm a master musician, or that I sing very very well(ahem..), but yes, I love music(besides football). And yesterday, my parents surprised me and my little sister who's another music-frenzied-Hannah-Montana-fan 11 year old, by bringing in a CASIO, and not just any model, this one's grand, and the music soothes the ears.

Well, that's there. Now on to playing. I first thought of the "Harmonium"(if you all know, it's an Indian musical instrument that's yet unmatched by any electronic instrument, or so I thought. This CASIO is not just good, it's godly. When I started playing(I have some knowledge of a synthesizer as I used to play the harmonium for nearly 3 years), it was like WOW! The sound, it's soothing.

I actually woke up at 7am today and started playing the CASIO immediately. It feels joyous to heal the calm sound of a violin right in the morning, or the pleasure of feeling like you can actually play a piano which hasn't been squashed to a 1:10 ratio.

Well, that's it of my experience. Till then, I'll get to experimenting and getting the most out of this wonder piece.


That is awesome. Music feeds the mind and the soul.

Music is very important and prominent in our home with 2 very serious musicians under our roof. My husband and I can barely tune a radio but 2 of our kids are blessed with musical talents. It is such a joy and a blessing.

It is heartening to know of this.

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