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Swine Flu, yes it's happening, and everywhere. More than a million have been affected, and nearly 2000 have died.

That's a big figure if you think back to the time when it had happened to only a handful of people.

SO you get the magnitude of this problem, one person to one million. One million to a billion?

Well, I have provided many many details in my previous posts, which you can find using the "Search" option. Anyways, I myself have now started to panic as the flu has spread to many schools in India, although fatality rate is about 1% only, but this is just the beginning to a long tussle(last time H1B1 virus broke out, 200m people died!). I think you all get the picture of the problem I am trying to describe.

From tomorrow onwards, even I will be wearing a mask(surgical) to school, as preliminary, but no doubt, some protection. All I want to tell you people is:

- Stay away from known countries or areas of infection
- Wash hands frequently with warm water
- Try to control your eating outside
- DO NOT go to crowded public places
- Unless completely sure, do not go for a check up, in case you catch it there from another infected person

The virus is spreading, but all hope ain't lost. Vaccination is on the way, and if all is well, it shall arrive by December this year. Our own country India will come up with it's indigenous vaccine by Jan-Feb 2010. Hopefully it won't be too late by then.

That's all I can say, rest is up to you for your own protection.


Hmm, nice article. You had written another on earlier which was very good.

Thank you. It's right here.

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