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Welcome to "Blue Hills Beckon", basically a custard of technology, nature, and me.

Busy, that word, we've heard it way too often, and mostly from our elders, parents. Never did I understand how they could be so busy as to not listen to me? Or not have any time for us, or sometimes straight away go off to bed. Well, till now I only blamed them for being lazy and boring, but now I'm actually learning the meaning of this word, and through HARD experience.

Let me tell you all that is on me.
1. Tuitions, actually you can call it my second school itself. I spend 16 hours a week there (4 days) studying all that the "gone-by" scientists have left behind. If my school studies is not enough, here's a BONANZA.
2. School, hmm here I do not complain. Honestly school is like a second home and it's a fun place to be.

Well, I know the numericals come out to be only 2, I tell you the magnitude ain't close. I can feel the heat now and I must tell you, it sometimes gets very bad and frustrating. But taking it all as a part of life, I go on, finding the happy moments all the way.

Sometimes I do wonder how did all this happen in just one year, how did I manage to get myself into all this, the thought just stays unanswered...........


Nice article, now u r learning the meaning of growing up.


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