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This is a tribute to teachers on the very very special occasion of Teacher's Day.

Teachers, they are like our second parent(or rather third). We are under the influence of teachers since we are 3 years of age, and let me tell you, even though we don't realise, what we really are today is a bit of every teacher who taught us and left an indelible impression on our minds(parents aside).

"We are what we are because of teachers"

Thereby goes this full form of the word itself:-

T - Talented
E - Educated

A - Adorable

C - Charming

H - Helpful

E - Encouraging

R - Responsible

We love our teachers, we sometimes hate them, we torture them(with screams and late submissions) and we please them(by being quiet and a good child). But we cannot do without them.

::::A small tribute:::


Very True Preetam,how can we forget our teachers who at our tender age of childhood and then for most of our teens teach guide and influence us through many ways.Our perceptions,mindsets and experiences till that age are largely influenced by this wonderful bunch of people.It is not only teaching their subjects,it is their personalities that we take along and keep for our lives.A very Happy Teachers Day to all those wonderful people out there.
I am amazed that no one came to drop a comment here! Are we losing out on good teachers or responsive students?God knows but I bet most of our teachers do remember us for lifetimes as we are all they have as memories,our case might be different,but that in no way makes their memories vague.

GOd...I thought no comment wud come, and I was very very surprised....a post on "teacher's day" shud hav got some people to drop by their wishes....

True....our teachers will alwayz remember us, it's us who must not ever forget them.

so nice and so tender post oh i am so happy here to author oh really our teachers are boon for us

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