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Remember what mobile phones were a decade back? Well I certainly do. They were those queer "portable phones" that one could carry in their pockets and make calls to anyone without having to connect through any connection. "Wireless", that's the word. At that time, mobiles were made for their basic and principle purpose, "a means of contact even from remote areas." Those small screens, dotted digit screens....

Let us take a look at what mobiles are NOW:
Touch screen, HD, WiFi, EDGE, GPRS, 8MP camera and what not. And look at the don't really need these services at all. True, today's world is such that people tend to be hopelessly after something they want, but in the process neglect what they need. That's what companies have taken advantage of, and to a great deal that is.

Agreed mobile phones are great, I mean when you show your flashy phone among the crowd, it turns many a envious eye....but that's not the point.

Bottom Line - Yes phones are cool great to have one(sweet...totally), but it isn't entirely essential(remember a world when there wasn't anything such as cell phone?).


sadly Im still in the 90s. lol
great post!

The initial phones were more on the need to communicate on wireless platform and do we know that the phones that we were using five years back had more computations compared to the first satellite man sent to space !
We have come far from there and many features have become essential.Radio,Music,Calender & not to mention calls and smses are the basic things that even a startup user looks for.
Yes you are right that at times we tend to go for things we want not understand what we really require.But take the case of technology,the more it is tested used the better it is.Definately a layman does not require GPRS enabled phone,what use possibly it could be to a high school student,but it is our quest to see explore latest technology that makes most of us vulnerable to the marketing tactics of the mobile phone giants.We in the process tend to purchase a handset the complete features of which we would never use !'s a human tendency to want things that they don't need, and neglect ones that they actually need.....

@ LazyKing - I'm nowhere, I have no cell yet (-_-)

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