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Well, these days I'm extra pro-Open source, as having used them, I'm totally convinced of their functionality, and use. And what more? You no longer have the guilt of using pirated software....which mind you was made by some developer's hard work.

Today, I shall discus the various Linux Distros which are available to all of us, yet we don't know. I mean, sure you've heard of uBuntu, and Mac users would say, "Ha, I've seen more ugly birds", but then there is a uBuntu modification Distro called "Linux Mint" too. Now that's a new one right. Well step in for more.

1. uBuntu - The people's Linux

One of the most popular linux distros, this is an immediate choice for linux first timers, and let me tell you, it works like a charm. And the best part, it even supports windows applications via a virtual application.

This distro is known for it's simplicity, and also compatibility. Yes, it's requirements are very little. SO if you have an old PC lying in your house, fire it up with uBuntu.

Installation and installing applicatios too is a charm. I would put it this way, "A ten year old would find it easy."


Wowie, feel like whistling don't you? This one's an absolute charm. Although resource consumption will be more, however, it's basically at the same level, and I guess the widgets make up for the increased hardware demand.

3. OpenSolaris

Now this is a project which has picked up my interest too. Apparently Solaris uses(this part is for geeks) the ZFS File System which was develpoed by Sun itself, and it can store 18 billion billion times more data than 64-bit file systems(ZFS being 128-bit).

OpenSolaris was not developed to win any beauty contest, but it's main target was companies, and server systems. With it's host of features ranging from full multi-processor support to native virtualisation, this OS is packed to the rim.

So this was the short round-up of Linux OSes, hope you gained some useful knowledge.


nice article. I personally am a fan of Ubuntu as it Automatically gets the necesary rivers for me and get me out of trouble whenever there is a crucial situation

Love the openSUSE desktop really really nice!

Yup I'm with uBuntu as well..

@ Diane, yes openSUSE looks beautiful indeed...

OpenSolaris is NOT Linux. It is SUN's implementation of BSD.

Yes, I realise that sorry, the purpose of this post was to introduce open-source OS....

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