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Is that a bird? Is that a plane? No! It's a UFO!!

"Is it or isn't it? Look closely at these pictures and video to make up your own mind. But Denna Smith, a writer in the U.S., says she knows what she saw. She believes that the circle she caught on camera floating in the sky above the Kings Dominion theme park in Virginia is a space ship."

Apparently, Ms Smith, the one who took the video says that she believes what she saw and also, there is some ring of evidence that this is true.

Aliens watch out, we are looking

"Her video is similar to two other recorded incidents, he said - one from Florida in 1999, and one from Fort Belvoir, also in Virginia, in the 1950s."


Wicked. Don't know if it's real or not but.

I showed up twice down the years. This might just be real!

science is science... let's find then...

LOL yes, I wonder why the Aliens, if they have spaceships, never tried to actually contact us

its just another government experiments...
a conspiracy...
just like the x-files.. hehehe...

Might be, but these things can never be verified. Once in a while, it keeps coming up. But there are some believers, who say they have seen IT, and will do anything to make their words heard.

Uncle google will give you enough of that.

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