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Welcome to "Blue Hills Beckon", basically a custard of technology, nature, and me.

I'm sorry to all my readers for I havn't made one good post in a long time. I mean I havn't really been writing from my heart these days, and let me tell you the reason, the truth.

Well, it may sound as an excuse but for the past one month, I've been overtly busy in my school work, tution work, mounting homework and rest of the junk work that bugs a 15 year old in Indian Schools(meaning endless studies).

So I would like to apologise for that. And yes, I will continue writing(obviously). But there's some good news. I'm working on a book. And in periodic installments, I plan to release parts of it, and hopefully there will be someone interested to read it once it completes, which might take some while.


All of your hard work will pay need to apologize...

Very nice and informative blog you have here. Good work! And I followed you to keep up with your post.

See you around my friend.

Steinar Arason
"Improve Your Blog"

Interesting, your profile says you are 15 only, and writing a story. Good luck.

Thank you guys!

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