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Well, this is the first movie review I'm doing, and it starts with a good one too.

I'm sure all of you have read Harry Potter(who hasn't!). Well then you must have watched the movies too. And just to remind you, all of them were fantastic. Well, such isn't the case with the sixth installment in the Harry Potter movie series.

On the whole, the movie is quite disappointing as it leaves you craving for the inner aspects that made the original book by J.K. Rowling so famous. It lacks out on that front only, as on the effects, music and graphics side, it's outstanding. The acting was really good, especially the part where Harry was under the Felix Potion effect. Ron and Hermione were great. I presume many came just to watch her......

The one-liners were strong and managed to keep the crowd going. Overall, the movie gets a 3 and 1/2 star from me!


Great review of the movie!
Your writing is excellent...

So very talented!
Keep up the great work.
I am very proud of you.

K. Frangeskos

Thank you very much. I just try to pour in my mind and heart into the writing.

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