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I don't think the person needs an introduction. He is known worldwide, and more lovingly, as the father of India, if not the world.

Gandhiji was born on October 2nd 1869, and his birth was no less important that of a god's. The first person who followed "ahimsa" or non-violence beyond any other's dare, and the person who achieved the impossible all without the use of force, but with just the power of truth.

His famed Satyagrahas are still remembered, and chapters of him in our textbooks can be found all over the world's different history books and other texts as well. It was this man who made possible the independence of India, and also winning of equal rights for blacks in South Africa before.

Even now, after 61 years of his passing away(1948), we still remember this father figure and idol and shall always try to follow his principles throughout our lives.


if only the world had more people like him

peace and light my friend

Very true.

He was great personality no only india but also all over world. i am so inspire with him.

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