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Okay, I never told any of you but just to break it, I'm a TECH-Addict, Compo-junkie, geek and all other terms you might have come across in this digital world. And also I'm a huge fan of PC gaming. But my computer presently, well lets just say, it's not up to the mark. So finally, after a year of wait, I shall be buying a new computer, by the end of this month!!!!!

The computer has been long over due but it's finally gonna come right after my semesters....yea.........


My kids are into gaming and my oldest likes to build his computers from the ground up to his specs for gaming. When he was home he was talking about building another one. It's all too much for me. Just give me my Mac with a good video card and enough RAM and I am happy. Lol.

Good luck with your computer.

Mcs are supposedly good. BUt not really VFM, especially in India, where the prices soar.

199$ Graphics cards come for Rs. 13k(conversion would give only 10k), so it becomes really costly here.

I would like to have your feedback on your new comp once you get to use it.I am not that much of the tech expert but I do go by the basics and the features that a system would offer.From the photographs I find the CPU Unit attractive,never seen one like this.

Ahh^^Yes, I wud provide a full review as soon as my system is put together..

BTW, the Cabinet here is "NZXT Alpha"

It's darn good luking ain't it?

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