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Today is 15th August, the day India declared to the world that it too is an Independent country, and had achieved it without the use of force or non-violence after being under slave of British for nearly two centuries.

We all remember this day as the day our nation's father was most proud of all of us, for what we had finally achieved after many failed tries, and that all our hardships hadn't gone to waste. Even I feel inspired and awed when I read of the speeches that our Netas(Leaders) gave to instigate the people, awaken them and to make them fight for their rights, not literally, but with the supreme commandment of "non-violence."

Now, after 63 years, it indeed makes me proud to be a part of this country India. But there are many things that hit my mind hard, and most of all saddens and dampens all the liveliness associated with the word Independence. The truth is that, we are only using this word, but our country in the true sense is not living it.

Even now, our country is, say, emboldened with poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, etc. The number of people who die due to starvation or lack of medical facilities is phenomenal.

Every second people are dying, but every second even more people are coming to life. The birth rate too is very high here, and with a population that has long ago crossed 1 Billion, and in league with China, even a small percentage increase sums up to a huge real-life increase in number.

In short, we are far from living "Independence" and are still a great many foot-yards away from achieving it. But still, our country is rapidly making progress, even more so in these recent years, with the economy booming(save for recession time).


Beautiful article, speaks absolute truth.

Well, India is my country!

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